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Become A Hero Of Dentistry And Solve The Dry Mouth Mystery!

Date: Saturday, June 15, 2024
Time: 8:30am - Noon
Location: Stotesbury Ballroom
Cost: $105.00 - $210.00
CEs: 3
Course Description: 
We know that Xerostomia is not a disease but it is often not discussed or masked by the next dry mouth product. However, xerostomia is a serious condition that is annoying and uncomfortable and usually caused by a disease or underlying condition. It affects your patient’s quality of life while speaking, eating or even trying to sleep. Hypo-salivation can damage the hard and soft tissues of the mouth while presenting a clinical challenge in the operatory! 25% of your patients suffer from this terrible affliction and age is not a cause of having a dry mouth. Xerostomia is more common in the older adult population but is not necessarily an inevitable part of aging.  This course will turn you into a dry mouth superhero! You will be able to teach patients reasons why they suffer from dry mouth, intra-oral problems associated with it, and management options available to make your patients more comfortable managing their symptoms.

Educational Objectives:

  • List the oral and non-oral symptoms reported by patients suffering from Xerostomia.

  • Discuss the causes of Xerostomia and understand the components and functions of saliva.

  • Explain the clinical signs of salivary gland hypo-function.

  • Discuss management options for educating patients and improving their quality of life.

  • Identify successful treatment options and products available.

Meet Your Speaker


Shannon Nanne, RDH

Serving as The Executive Director of The Global Oral Cancer Forum in 2016 Shannon helps promote the changes required for a substantial impact on incidence, morbidity, and mortality of oral cancer worldwide educating health professionals globally. Shannon graduated from The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine in 1994. She’s authored articles in RDH, JPH, In Focus, Dentistry Today and Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. Shannon is a Key Opinion Leader for several companies, publications and associations and an ambassador with The Oral Cancer Foundation, and has sat on the Corporate Council for Dimensions of Dental Hygiene representing Basicbites, Biotene, Oral7, GOCF and Curaprox US. Shannon held an executive board position in The Cleveland Dental Hygiene Association for over 15 years and continues to create awareness on oral cancer and its horrific side effects. She is currently The Manager of Professional Relations and Education for Curaprox US.


Shannon is a national and international speaker that has lectured to dentists, hygienists, pharmacists and oncologists. Shannon has also spoken to support groups, hospitals, dental schools, 50+ Groups, and a few mothers’ organizations including oral care for children. She has published “A Patient’s Guide to Periodontal Disease”, to help her colleagues discuss and educate periodontal disease with their patients. In her career, Shannon has been a Key Opinion Leader for Phillips, GC America, Sunstar Butler, Pennwell Publishing, a member of The Friends of Hu-Friedy, Part of the Hygienetown Friends Network.

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