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Endodontic Sealers and Effective Endodontic Treatment

Date: Saturday, June 15, 2024
Time: 8:30am - 9:30am
Location: Ironbound

Cost: $45.00 - $90.00
CE: 1
Course Description: 

Selecting the most appropriate endodontic sealers should follow evidence-based guidelines. Using Grossman’s ideal sealer profile as a standard, current commercial endodontic sealers will be categorized by composition and properties. Each sealer will be evaluated for its antimicrobial activity, micro-filling/sealing characteristics, and biocompatibility. This course will also discuss research and developing newer endodontic sealers for effective treatment to fill in some of the gaps in the knowledge.

Educational Objectives:

By the completion of this course, each participant should be able to . . .

  • Describe the importance of the dentin-sealer interface in sealing ability.

  • Utilize categories of endodontic sealers by composition and properties for best use in clinical cases.

  • Implement evidence-based endodontic treatment and materials into practice.

Meet Your Speaker

Komabayashi, Takashi, DDS, MDS, PhD_COH_2x2.jpg

Takashi Komabayashi, DDS, MDS, Ph.D

Dr. Takashi Komabayashi received DDS degree from the University of Hiroshima in 1998, PhD in dental material from Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 2002, DDS from University of California San Francisco in 2005, and Certificate and M.Dent.Sc. in Endodontics from University of Connecticut in 2008.

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