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Jill Baskin, DDS

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Dr. Jill Baskin maintained a general dentistry practice in a Chicago suburb for 34 years and for 20 years was the Oral Health Director at the Children’s Clinic, a 100 year old non profit medical and dental clinic in suburban Chicago. She received the Healthy Smiles Hero Award from the State of Illinois. 

Since July 1996, Dr Baskin has been reviewing dental professional liability claims, reviewing over 350 claims this past year. She has presented over 400 national risk management seminars since 1989 and assists with the risk management hotline.  She is a member of the American Dental Association.

Professional Dental Liability Risk Management Seminar

Course Description:
The Professional Protector Plan ®  Risk Management Seminar will provide practical suggestions and approaches that can successfully avoid common malpractice risks in the dental practice. With the use of actual claims, a variety of risk management topics will be discussed. National claim trends will be discussed with a Maine defense attorney discussing local claim trends. This course is designed and appropriate for all general dentists, specialists, and office staff members.


Important fundamentals of risk management that will be addressed include:

  • Implementing office protocols so the entire team utilizes the same risk and safety policies.

  • Updates on current treatment guidelines.

  • Understanding the basic principles of acceptable chart and record documentation and the responsibilities of protecting patient health information.

  • Examining excellent chart entries with a comparison of deficient chart entries and the impact of defending a claim.

  • Discover effective patient management strategies regarding non-clinical issues and adverse events.

  • Common allegations for specific dental procedures.

  • Considerations when refunding treatment fees.

  • Handling the angry patient and other communication tips.

  • Proper protocol for discharging a patient.

  • Benefits of PPP program including board complaint defense.

  • Learn the fundamentals of legal concepts including elements of malpractice, informed consent, vicarious liability, and negligence.

PPP-insured dentists will receive a 10% discount on their professional liability premium for three years by attending this seminar.  Dentists who are not insured with the PPP may be eligible for credit by purchasing PPP coverage within one year of attending the seminar.

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