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Professional Dental Liability Risk Management Seminar

With Dr. Robert Peskin and Mark Franco, Esq.

Designed and conducted by dentists for dentists and their staff

Thursday May 19,2022

12:30 - 5:00pm

cost is $135.00 per person.

Every practice strives to provide dental care for patients in an effective manner with the highest quality outcome. In order to achieve that, risk and risk management associated with all treatment must be addressed concurrently using the latest principles and techniques available. When the proper protocols and policies are employed, patients can be treated safely and efficiently in a controlled, risk-lowered environment. This seminar will provide the latest claim information statistics to help mitigate risk and present cases and experiences of your colleagues who have experienced risk exposures.

The following risk management fundamentals will be addressed:

  • Management of patient communications by choosing words wisely, 
    listening intently, earning trust and respect, and creating the happy 
    and loyal patient

  • Implementing office policy so the entire team utilizes the same risk and safety policies

  • Providing all clinical treatment that meets or exceeds the accepted standard of care in your locality

  • Understanding the basic principles of accepted chart and record documentation and the responsibilities of protecting patient information

  • Effective patient management of non-clinical issues and adverse events

  • Fundamentals of legal concepts, including general informed consent,  vicarious liability, and negligence

Additionally, dentists insured with the Professional Protector Plan®
for Dentists (PPP) will receive 10% professional liability premium credit upon
renewal for three successive years. Dentists who are not insured with the
PPP may be eligible for credit by purchasing PPP coverage within one year
of attending the seminar.

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