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2024 Annual Convention 

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CSI Protection

6/15 - 8:30am-10:30am

  • From 75 US dollars
  • McMurty Room

Course Description:

CSI Protection: Protect Your Business and Clients with Cyber, Social, Identity and Personal Protection Speaker: Robert Siciliano, CSP, CSI, CITRMS This security awareness training for dentist’s offices focuses on safeguarding sensitive patient data. Staff learns to recognize phishing emails, employ strong passwords, and secure physical documents. The training emphasizes the importance of regular software updates and encrypted communication channels. Employees are educated on the risks of using personal devices for work tasks and taught secure data disposal methods. Access controls and role-based permissions are highlighted to restrict data access. Simulated scenarios help staff practice identifying and responding to potential security threats. Ultimately, the training fosters a culture of vigilance, ensuring the protection of patient confidentiality and compliance with health care privacy regulations. ​ You will learn: - Security is both a feature and a personal benefit. - Why our philosophy is "all security is personal" to the learner. - Why to dispel societal myths revolving around security. - Understand how to protect the client data you are entrusted with. - Know how to respond to scams via email, phone and text. - Protect the identities of your family and your clients. - How your email address has likely been hacked. - Where your passwords currently reside on the dark web. - Learn how to take control of your personal and professional social media. - Understand the risks associated with posting, liking, commenting, and sharing content that can reflect negatively on your brand. - How to recognize and reduce risk by understanding the fundamentals of personal protection. And so much more! This class is a fully interactive event. From the moment the presenter gets on stage, we engage in open dialogue. This is not a speaker talking at the audience, this is a full on conversation where attendees express their outermost concerns which are addressed in real time between the presenter and their peers. In full detail we cover: - Cyber Security Protection from Hackers and Attackers - Social Media Security & Online Reputation Management - Identity Theft Protection and Prevention - Personal Protection and Violence Prevention

Terms & Conditions

Registration: Registration is REQUIRED. Photos: A photographer will be present at the event, taking photos for the Maine Dental Association to use in future flyers, brochures, social media posts, and on our website. If you do not wish for your photo to be displayed, please notify the Maine Dental Association immediately. Any photos captured with you in it will be removed. Contact: / 207-622-7900 Cancellation / Refund: Requests for cancellations/refunds must be emailed to Therese Cahill,, no later than May 31, 2024. After this date, no refunds - including for absences due to illness (including COVID-19), late arrivals, weather, or parking difficulties - will be granted.

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