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A Letter from the Chair of Continuing Education Events Committee

Dear Attendees, 

Recognizing the evolving landscape of dentistry and the shifting priorities of the American Dental Association, the Maine Dental Association has strategically redirected its continuing education 

programming to emphasize wellness and its different dimensions. This adjustment mirrors nationwide trends to better understand the impact of mental, physical, and emotional health on our personal and professional lives. By offering these educational opportunities, we hope to equip members with tangible wellness resources and the knowledge and skills necessary to provide comprehensive patient care in the oral-systemic connection. We are excited to have Dr. Kyle Stanley, recognized as one of the top young educators in dentistry by the Seattle Study Club, lead this charge at our 2024 Annual Meeting. His clinical work focuses on dentofacial esthetics, implants, and artificial intelligence but his real passion lies in his advocacy for mental health and burnout prevention and management. 


You may have also felt an absence in educational content over the last year. I have been involved with those efforts for the last four years, and we have fought hard to stay relevant among our members. However, attendance at these events continues to decline, despite a historically robust offering of online and in-person programs with local and nationally renowned speakers. This reality quickly prompted us to reevaluate our allocation of resources, particularly in terms of staff efforts and association funds. Many smaller, state dental associations have reduced their yearly offerings to provide other member benefits, like what you will experience at our Annual Meeting and a digital portfolio of past and new educational materials.


The Maine Dental Association is proud to grow with you. By repositioning ourselves and our resources from underutilized continuing education events to areas where we can have a significant impact, such as member support services, advocacy efforts, and networking opportunities, the association aims to maximize its value proposition for members. This strategic realignment reflects the evolving needs of our members and aims to foster a stronger, more cohesive dental community in Maine.


Our decision to refocus and consolidate our continuing education events was not made lightly. This shift not only reflects a commitment to providing cutting-edge programs but also acknowledges the need to adapt to changing circumstances. By reallocating resources toward other member benefits and resources in real-time, we hope to better serve you and maintain relevance in a competitive landscape.


We are excited to welcome you to this year’s meeting!

A.Saltz Signature.png

Adam Saltz, DMD, MS, MPH

President-Elect, Maine Dental Association

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